Welcome to the page for downloading
the Demo version of CRASTA


#416 Primera Dougenzaka, 1-15-3 Dougenzaka,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0043 Japan
Phone:+81-3-4530-8682 E-MAIL:info@adoretech.jp


Please click here for the downloading the demo version of CRASTA.

Note: Please save the archived file "CRASTA-webdemo-english" on your computer at once, then expand it. After you expand it, you can find an application file of the demo version of CRASTA in [CRASTA-webdemo-english] folder. Then double click that file for trying the demo. Skipping this procedure may cause trouble for the execution of this application under some circumstances.

How to use our application CRASTA. Please look the movie. Press a play mark in the center. (If a movie does not start automatically, click here.)

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